Election Information - City of Woodburn


Election Information

To the Residents of the City of Woodburn:

The purpose of this publication is twofold:

First, to inform the community about the election process. The City of Woodburn holds a general election every four years to decide who will serve their community as elected officials. This includes the offices of the Mayor, the Clerk-Treasurer, and the five Council seats. The last general election was never held as a cost savings measure due to only unopposed seats. The general election will take place in November of 2023. If more than one candidate for a given office file under the same party, a primary election will take place in May of 2023, which may or may not occur based on candidates who chose to file. 

And secondly, to inform residents in the community what this process looks like if they wish to run for office. For any resident within the city limits who feels that they can provide meaningful contribution at the local level to direct and manage community affairs, I would encourage you to consider running for public office. Interested persons should contact the Allen County Election Board for additional guidance. You will need to start this process very early into 2023 to be installed at the start of 2024.

-Timothy Cummins, Clerk-Treasurer for the City of Woodburn