Snow Removal - City of Woodburn

Snow Removal

Heavy snow falls can be a nuisance for everyone…A couple of considerations for the winter months: Please clear your vehicles from the street as much as possible when heavy snowfall is imminent or already present. Our Street Department does a good job of taking care of our roads in winter, but it becomes quite difficult to maneuver a plow around vehicles and realistically, sometimes this results in a cul-de-sac not being taken care of properly. Also, did you know that it is the responsibility of the home or business owner to plow the sidewalks in front of their property? It’s true! And while this can be difficult for people to handle sometimes, we ask that you do the best you can to keep your part of the sidewalk clear for your neighbors.

Another way to help everyone out is to run a narrow stream of water when it is very cold outside…this helps prevent water main breaks on the larger scope, and prevents your pipes from freezing within your home. Leaving your cabinet doors open where your sink resides is also a potentially helpful remedy.