Ordinances - City of Woodburn


My goal is to show all relevant updates to City code in digital format for fast, easy access. With that being said, I will start with the ordinances and resolutions that were passed from 2016 onward, and any other relevant information outside of that timeframe. This way you can see how things are changing as well as, on occasion, see the long standing regulation that is still in force. If you have any comments/suggestions, feel free to submit them to [email protected] Thanks!

-Timothy J Cummins




2016 – 2022 Ordinances and Resolutions

2023 Ordinances



2023 Resolutions



Additional Ordinances/Resolutions or Information in General of Possible Interest:


Snow Removal Ordinance

Woodburn Zoning Ordinance (Current Zoning: From 3/3/2018 – Present)

ORDINANCE G-22-1411 (Current Water Rates: From 12/16/2022 – Present)

ORDINANCE G-20-1393 (Current Sewer Rates: From 12/16/2022 – Present)

ORDINANCE G-20-1391 (Current Trash Rates: From 12/16/2022 – Present)