Water Department - City of Woodburn

Water Department

The City of Woodburn provides water from groundwater wells located in our community.

Leaks can be costly and typically result in more water consumption then one might expect. Below is a chart that shows just how easily high usage can result from a seemingly small leak:

Leak Impact Chart

If you are in need of new service, please contact City Hall at 260-632-5318 with your information. We will need to have a copy of your driver’s license and a completed application for our files. If you are no longer in need of service, please contact City Hall as well so we can final your account out. If you are receiving water and are not paying the City directly for it, then it is an oversight; talk to City Hall before anything significant develops. Also, if you are a new renter, we will need $200 for a security deposit against your account starting in 2017 going forward.


If you have had issues with water use that did not go down the drain, feel free to come to one of our Council Meetings to discuss a possible credit for the sewer portion. Note: Currently, the Council has concluded that all requests for a credit towards a resident’s sewer bill must be made in person (if exceptions need to occur, please contact City Hall at 260-632-5318 prior to the meeting). You will be charged for the water use regardless, but if it is determined that the water used did not go down the drain, the Council will typically charge your average sewer portion of the utility bill and credit the difference to the account. If you are need of a payment plan, you would also need to go to the Council as no one within City Hall during the week has the authority to honor such a request.


If you are in need of a shutoff or need your water turned back on, please contact our Superintendent, Ryan Walls, at 260-450-2410. Note: There must be a competent adult present to verify that there are no leaks when your water is turned back on. Thank you!

Each year the City issues a customer report regarding the quality of our drinking water. To see the most recent report, click the link below:

City of Woodburn CCR 2022

Here is the survey that the City is asking residents to fill out regarding which types of pipes that they have taking City water into their home:

2023 Resident Lead and Copper Questionnaire

See below various information regarding expectations in consideration to the City’s water supply:

City of Woodburn Wellhead Protection Program

DNR Abd Water Wells

Fertilizer Handling

Haz Waste Management

Pesticide Handling

The most up to date rates for our water are shown below:

ORDINANCE G-12-1203 (Current Water Rates: From 1/16/2012 – Present)