Woodburn's Spring 2023 City-Wide Trash Pick-Up - City of Woodburn


Woodburn’s Spring 2023 City-Wide Trash Pick-Up

Date: May 19th 2023 to May 20th 2023
Time: Set out May 19th for May 20th Pick-Up

City of Woodburn
22735 Main Street, Woodburn, Indiana, 46797

Take advantage of this semi-annual opportunity to get rid of your garbage! Please note that electronics, tires, or refrigerators with coolant in them will not be picked up along with potential other items at Waste Management’s discretion. Mattresses need to be wrapped in plastic. Typically there are out-of-town personal trucks picking up items a night before Waste Management, should you be inclined to place items at the curb early. Regardless, we ask that as a homeowner/renter that you promptly retrieve anything remaining after pick-up.